I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Tobinick Tuesday, January 22nd. Pertinent information obtained is as follows:
The uniqueness of the perispinal injection technique patented by him in May 2006 is that it is an extrathecal (non-spinal)approach which facilitates crossing of the blood-brain barrier.
Off-label use of Enbrel requires only agreement between doctor and patient. Dosage for Alzheimers is half that normally prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and other pathologies.
- The procedure is presently only available to patients at Dr. Tobinick’s office in Los Angeles; however, he offers on-site training to interested practitioners there as well. Initial Six weeks of therapy recommended costs $3,600. Weekly injections are required thereafter -$180.
- I beelieve experience thus far relates only to early/ moderate (including the 81 year old) stages of Alzheimers. Similar results for other forms of dementia: vascular, bacterial/viral, Lewy bodies, trauma etc. has yet to be determined.
Contact info: Dr. Edward Tobinick
100 Medical Plaza Suite 20
Los Angeles, CA